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I did wait. For my crown, for my throne, for you. All those years, and all I ever got was a pot of molten gold. Why did they give the dragon’s eggs to you? They should have been mine. If I’d had a dragon, I would have taught the world the meaning of those words.

make me choose asked: Viserys Targaryen or Renly Baratheon

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The Game never ends…

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I don’t serve your brother, Your Grace.

make me choose asked: Jaime/Brienne or Loras/Sansa

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And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours.

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Life is made up of moments—good ones, bad ones, but they’re all worth living.

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Keep your heart from your chest; it’ll be gone, just like the rest; ‘cause it’s a man’s world, say all the right words, and hold your heart from your chest [x]

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